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Frequently Asked Questions

What is student Exchange? 

Student exchange is the opportunity for students to attend another university for a semester or two and transfer the credits of the courses they have taken back to their home institution.

Incoming Students

How can I apply to do a student exchange at the EMU?

If you wish to do an exchange to the come Eastern Mediterranean University for a semester, your university must have a student exchange agreement with EMU. Please check with your university or contact us for further information. If however we are not in collaboration with your university, you should speak to your student exchange office and tell them you wish to exchange to our university so we can communicate and establish a mutual agreement with them.

Does EMU have my department?

EMU has over 100 undergraduate and school programs to choose from, however please follow the below link to find your program.

How many semesters can I exchange for?

Maximum of 2 semesters.

What is the application process?

Please consult the student exchange office at your university to nominate you. Once this has been done, we will send you the EMU application forms for completion. Once these have been completed, you will attend a Skype interview with us. After the Skype interview you will be notified if your application for exchange was successful or not.

What support does EMU provide exchange students when they arrive?

The EMU exchange team are here for you from the time you step off the plane, to the time you are boarding the plane to return home. EMU meets you at Ercan airport and transfers you to the campus, where you will be greeted again and assisted in to dormitories. The student exchange team will assist you with registration and provide you with orientation of the campus as well as the city of Famagusta.
During your stay you can take advantage of many tours of touristic Northern Cyprus, provided by EMU and have comfort in the fact that the student exchange office is always here for you.


Outgoing Students

Who can apply?

The student exchange program is open to all students at the Eastern Mediterranean University who meet the criteria's.

What are the criteria’s?

Student can only go on exchange from their 4th semester onwards (excluding study time at prep school) and who have a minimum CGPA of 2.75.

Are there any other criteria’s?

EMU has not imposed any other criteria's, however the individual universities we partner with may have their own criteria's for accepting applications. Please see their individual student exchange web pages for more information.

How do I apply?

Students who wish to apply must complete the online application form (link).
Following a screening process, successful students will be contacted further to complete the application process.

What if the university I wish to go to is not in collaboration with EMU?

Our students are welcome to suggest to the student exchange universities they wish to attend for a semester via the exchange program and we will do our best to establish a partnership with them.

When can I apply?

We begin to take applications to at the beginning of each semester. EMU will announce their last application dates on student exchange website social media platforms, however each university that we collaborate with have their individual last application dates. Please look at their student exchange websites for more information.


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