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The EMU International Promotion Office provides exchange students with a variety of trips, tours, and activities to ensure that our guests have an experience that they will never forget.

All incoming exchange students are required to report their arrival, address, and contact details (local phone number or WhatsApp) to the EMU Exchange Program Office before the add/drop date of the semester (please view the EMU Academic Calendar).

We also encourage you to like and follow our social media platforms where you can find out more about EMU and have insight on previous exchange student's experiences.


City of Famagusta

(Turkish: Mağusa or Gazimağusa)

It is an ancient city, with the Romans, Byzantines, Assyrians, Frankish, Venetians, and Ottomans once calling it home. The old city of Famagusta is famous for the Gothic monuments and surrounded by historic city walls which is a lovely place for sightseeing and entertainment. British Colonials expanded the modern city along the seaside and it became a harbor city, commercial center, and tourist resort. Currently, Famagusta as a university city supports student life with safety and comfort.

Nightlife: The exciting nightlife filled with entertainment and delights along with the friendly hospitality of the locals ensures a gracious welcome and an unforgettable experience.

Theater: Throughout the year, theatrical performances are held at the EMU Cultural and Congress Center and the Municipality Theater. Some theater shows are performed at Othello Castle and Salamis Antique Theater.

International Famagusta Art & Cultural Festival: The festival takes place during July and includes a line-up of everything from classical and jazz to hip-hop, modern rock, and reggae, performed by international and local artists.

Folklore: Famagusta also boasts myriad myths and legends borrowed from different cultures or originating from the soil.  The Turkish Cypriot culture also incorporates a great diversity of folk dances with various influences.

Cuisine: North Cyprus cuisine is quite varied, with many dishes featuring meat and vegetables to encompass the healthy Mediterranean diet. The local cuisine is an extension of the locals' hospitality.


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