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Outgoing Testimonials


"It is important for a Tourism and Hospitality student to understand the cultural differences that can be found among people to enable me to be effective in my work.

South Korea is a country where the daily living, cultural and philosophical differences are vast from ours. It was important to go there and see this for myself. I can say that this semester was extremely beneficial as I obtained important information that will help my future career and I can genuinely say that I studied in detail the Far East culture and philosophies where it resides."

-Mert Ercan Bulut 

Exchange Semester in South Korea, Tourism and Hospitality

"I gained a lot of International, Academic and life experience. I was exposed to different views on life and opinions which was so interesting to me. I didn't try and pursuit my own opinions, I just listened and absorbed it. When you go on exchange just listen and take everything in, because that is what you're there for; to take something from there and bring it back with you.

We visited some fantastic locations, such as Calgary Tower, Downtown Calgary and we visited the Banff National Park and saw the Johnston Waterfall and Canyon. I made so many friends and we would hang out all the time. This is why I am going back for the second semester. It was an amazing experience."

-Roman Ilyasov 

Exchange Semester in Canada, Business Administration


"I have always tried to initiate conversations with friends and people to immerse myself in to communities; this was very useful when I went on exchange to Izmir in Turkey. The experiences I encountered as an exchange student helped me shape and develop a sense of maturity, responsibility and independence. I am so thankful to all that I met in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara during my travels, but particularly to EMU for giving me this great opportunity to be an exchange student in Izmir."

-Ramatoulaye Dieme

Exchange Semester in Turkey, Business Administration


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